Return and exchange policy

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Return and Exchange Policy


No Refund Policy!!!
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1. Website Design Services

Are not eligible for a refund under no circumstances.
We make clients a backup disk of clients website on completion that we give to client. If client makes any changes to clients website in the control panel and damages website we will no be held accountable. Please do not lose back up disk. We have a copy of the website, but will charge a small fee for another backup disk.  we will keep track of clients website if we are  paid for the management of the client website.
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2. Flyer Distribution Services

Please pay on time!
It is the clients responsibility to pay, If one form of payment is rejected than the client has to deposit funds in Flyers 2 Door Bank Account. clients responsibility to pay.
Under no circumstances can we accept half payments.
All clients have to deposit funds in Flyers 2 Door Bank Account before we start the flyer distribution service.
If flyers 2 door does not receive full payment the flyers will enter into holding center at storage. All funds that have not been fully deposited for flyer distribution services the client will start to incur storage fees at the flyers holding center starting at the day the flyers were received. Please Pay On TIME!!!

If there is a break of contract there will be penalty fees of $3,500 of break of contract.
If client request flyers , Flyers 2 Door Needs to be paid in full until we can release flyers.

If client refuse to pay. Flyers 2 Door can only hold all flyers for no longer than 30 days for all delinquent accounts.
30 days is the max in flyers 2 door storage unit for all non payments of delinquent accounts,
 There will Be a $2,500 Disposal fee to dispose of flyers left in storage holding center after 30 days.
All forms of cancellations from clients that break the contact for flyer distribution will be a $3,500.00 penalty fee for break of contact.
All forms of Non Payment for flyers will go into our holding area of storage $500.oo per day after 1o days the price of nonpayment
and storage holding center fees will go up and start at $1,000.00 per day starting on the 11th day.
After 30 days there will be a $2,500.00 disposal fee for flyers for all delinquent accounts non payment clients.

Flyers 2 Door only offers storage space only to paying clients.
If client does not pay flyers will enter into our storage holding center, for all non payment of flyers.
Please pay on time to make sure your flyers do not enter into delinquent accounts penalty fees.

Their are no refunds.
Paying clients will only receive our service that their account is in good standing and not in delinquent status!!!. 
NO Refunds not eligible for a refund

We are not held responsible for any damage flyers that are distributed due to any weather conditions or homeowners actions.
You are confirming you have read and agree to the policy when you send Flyers 2 Door your Flyers.
Please Pay On Time!!!
We will Not Accept Or Tolerate Any Form of Non Payment. There Will Be Big Penalty Fees!!!
Please Pay On Time!!! It Is Clients Responsibility To Make Payment.
If Our Merchant Account Can Not Take Payment. Please Make Bank Deposit Into Flyers 2 Door Bank Account.
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3. Printing Services

We offer a full service Designing art work per page.
If client choose  to design and format art work solo.
It is clients responsibilities to make sure they have in right format and settings.
We are not held responsible for any misprint jobs that are sent to us that client choose to design and format on their own.
Please format correctly and right colors settings.

You are confirming you have read and agree to the policy.


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